Home Based Travel Business


Sell Service, Not Price

Prospects that want the lowest price will only go to another agent. If you sell service instead, you will develop customer loyalty. 

Best Bargain in travel: CRUISES!

Once price includes:

  • All the food you can eat and most non-alcoholic beverages
  • Daily entertainment and activities
  • Visit several ports
  • Duty free shopping
  • Unpack you bags only once!

Vacation.com Affiliate

Vacation.com Offers :

  • Extra commission from Preferred Suppliers
  • Blocked group space for cruises
  • Promotions
  • Travel specials, and more!
  • On the Vacation.com website you will find thousands of travel offers from their preferred suppliers.

The Mega Cruise Ships 

With over 5,000 passengers they are truly floating resorts. There are 24 hour activities for the entire family. The cruise ships,  not the destinations are the reasons many passengers continue to sail the same destinations.  Check out The Oasis of the Seas.

Weekend Getaways!

Many hotels and resorts offer special weekend rates. Take a break, let someone else wash the dishes, make the beds, watch the kids!

Make Travel Arrangements for a Group

Weddings; reunions, business meeting or sales incentive awards, continuing education classes, fund-raisers, special interest groups (poker tournament, meet your favorite celebrity) 

Pass out your business card!

Neighbors, family members, civic and religious groups, bulletin boards. 

Discounted Travel...

Check the travel suppliers and newsletters for the recent “specials”

Reviews of all Cruise Ships

Cruise Critic  and  Cruise Reviews

Tour Companies

Tour companies like Travel Impressions have 100’s of destinations available.  Airfare, transfers, and accommodations are packaged together at prices usually cheaper than buying separately.  Meals, activities and excursions can also be purchased.

Military Discounts

Ask the travel supplier if they offer a discount.  Most Cruise Lines and others do.  Retired  personnel may also qualify.

Incentive Market

Companies spend on the average $2,600.00 per person for travel awards.  Some cruise lines offer certificates which allows award winner to select their own type of cabin, excursions, and on board credit amount. 


Ask how many bags you can check in for free.

Traveler's Diarrhea

Ciprofloxacin runs about $2.00 a pill. Usually one dose is enough. 
Rifazimin (xifaxan).Take prior to eating in a foreign country. About $5.00 a pill.

Booking Car Rentals

If you book a car rental through Thrifty or Dollar online, make sure you select the "GDS" rate –not the Thrifty.com or Dollar.com rate.  If you select the GDS rate, you get 10% commission -- but if you book on the car rental company's website without being in the agent section / or forget to select the GDS rate, the commission is 3%. (In comparing car rental rates, they were the same , it was just a different booking site.)